Promoting Creativity

British Council


One of the The British Council's main global aims is to facilitate and promote the growth of the UK creative industries. To do this, they send their representatives all over the world to meet with officials and attend conferences.

To support this effort they came to us to create an animation that shows the power of creativity and the importance of the UK creative industry. 


Having co-written the script with The British Council, we wanted to create an animation style that was truly worthy of this subject and brought to life the creative industries. Our visual approach for this project was to combine highly crafted digitally painted assets with beautiful 3D lighting and particle effects.


The result was a seamless blend of scenes and characters that were meticulously painted with cinematic lighting and camera movement. The effect spoke of craft and attention to detail, but felt modern due to the lighting and camera moves. It’s a style we hoped would reflect the UK creative industries: steeped in history but at the same time cutting edge.

The animation was extremely well received internally at The British Council and has become the go to piece of content to open any meetings or events with key partner stakeholders.