Predatory and illegal logging is destroying the Amazon little by little, with the system of control meant to regulate the production of timber in the forest weak and easily exploitable. The manipulation of timber trade documents allows timber of illegal origin to be sold with legal paperwork. Greenpeace approached us with the challenge of telling this story and raising awareness of this issue.


It wan't an easy story to tell: The Amazon is continuing to be destroyed because of paperwork. But Brickwall collaborated with Oscar Winning actress Marion Cotillard to produce an animation taking paper and wood as its key textures and themes. We created an atmospheric 3D animation that clearly showed audiences the problem with illegally cut wood being labelled as legal.


The film, which tells the story simply and powerfully, spread the story of Amazon destruction across eight languages, social media, print & online media, including being broadcast in full on TV news in Italy. Greenpeace continue to use the film to this day as Marion Cotillard remains a key ambassador for the organisation.