BBC Media Action came to us needing to highlight the successful impact of recent maternal and child health campaigns they had run in Ethiopia and Bangladesh. 

They wanted to showcase how, when underpinned by effective methodology, media campaigns could impact behaviour change and deliver significant results at scale, even with limited resources.


The work BBC Media Action had done in Ethiopia was extremely impressive and so we intended to put the results of the BBC’s work front and centre.

We did this in the form of a film that used kinetic text to call out key stats, blended with photography and silhouette-based illustrations to put them into context. 


Detailing BBC Media Action's use of advanced statistical techniques, including structural equation modelling and regression analysis, the film highlighted the complex pathways between exposure to their media programmes and having a safe pregnancy and birth in Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

It is now used as a best practice case study by BBC Media Action to simply explain how they use research to create a ‘theory of change’ for their health programmes.