Cerner’sHealtheIntent platform joins up health and care data from disparate sources to provide actionable insights at each level of the health system. 

Upon rolling this system out to a new partner, Cerner asked Brickwall to create an explainer animation that would help those using the software understand its potential and ability to improve their provision of care. 

In addition, we were also tasked with creating a bigger picture film that focused more on the theme of population health, in a way that would showcase Cerner as the perfect data software partner for other new organisations


We took a different approach for each animation, given the audience requirements were significantly different. For the explainer film, we based our narrative around a real community and healthcare system, so that we could best show HealtheIntent in action. This enabled us to bring to life relatable scenarios for our audiences, so they could best understand how Healtheintent would affect and benefit their every day.

For the wider awareness film, we focused on much more holistic themes such as population health, the power of data, and the benefits of a much more proactive healthcare system that could spot issues well before they became real problems. Visually, we used a motion graphic style which allowed us to describe these conceptual themes in a much more engaging way.


Both films have been used extensively since they were produced, with them both being successful tools for the business. The GP focused film was used to help roll out the system in situ with a local healthcare system, and the wider awareness film has become a core part of the organisation’s outreach and awareness communications.

You can view the explainer film above. The bigger picture motion graphic film can be watched below: