NICE Connect

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence


In its 20th year, NICE embarked on a transformation project to revolutionise how it produced and presented its guidance. Known as NICE Connect, the organisation wanted to inspire employees and explain to stakeholders how they would build on their world class reputation for excellence in guidance development.

The proposed changes would make the best use of emerging technology to deliver guidance in a more accessible, intuitive and user-friendly way. To this end, they commissioned Brickwall to help explain the future vision of NICE.


We worked with NICE and key stakeholders to understand what audience groups thought of the current offering, knowing what was positive and where it could be improved. This helped influence the hierarchy of our messaging, as well as indicate what sort of content we should produce and which channels to promote it on.

In the end, we produced a master film that outlined the key headlines from the project - an introduction to NICE Connect that ensured anybody who watched would have a better understanding of the direction the organisation was heading. 

We supported this with a series of interviews with key stakeholders that represented the priority audience groups - enabling us to provide more detailed considerations of the new developments, that would help resonate with specific audiences on a peer-to-peer level.

Using our suite of content, we also produced supporting assets that enabled us to communicate to audiences across social media, direct comms and events. With all of this content in our arsenal, we worked with the in-house team at NICE to develop a distribution plan for their social media channels and supported the ongoing optimization of this throughout the campaign.


So far the campaign has drawn an exceptional level of audience engagement across all settings. Crucially, demographic insight from social media has taught us that a lot of these have been of high value and amongst the key audience demographics NICE were aiming for in the healthcare landscape. 

As well as a high number of views, crucially they were of quality - with 70% of the main film being viewed on average on YouTube, and engagement rates regularly climbing 5% across LinkedIn and twitter. 

Furthermore, highly sustained web traffic coincided with the release window of the content with a high proportion of visitors exploring the various resources linked to NICE Connect after clicking through from our content.