The Nickel Institute

Nickel - Enabling Clean Energy


During the COP 26 Conference the Nickel Institute wanted to tap into an increase in conversations around sustainability. They saw an opportunity to highlight the work they, and their members, are doing to ensure nickel mining becomes more sustainable as well as its importance in green technologies.


We needed a style that would cut through the noise around COP 26 and stand out from sometimes preachy communications, while balancing the fact that sustainability in mining is still a work in progress. 

With these considerations we developed an irreverent and humorous tone, different from usual policy communications. We did this by blending cinematically captured footage of the nickel with a poetic voiceover before contrasting this with a quick-paced montage style emphasising nickel’s green credentials – and being honest about where improvements are still being made.


The film was received well with Nickel Institute Members and other stakeholders and helped facilitate conversations for them around COP 26. A small paid promotion campaign on YouTube generated over 32,000 views within a short time period and good view-through-rate.