Think Brain Health

Alzheimer's Research UK


Alzheimer’s Research UK wanted to start educating people about the steps they could take to keep their brain healthy, a new direction for the charity that had previously been focused on funding research to help understand, diagnose and treat the diseases that cause dementia.

To begin establishing the connection between an individual’s brain health and the risk of dementia, ARUK brought Brickwall into a cross-agency team tasked with developing a new campaign to get the public to engage with the organisation’s new ‘brain hub’ platform, and to ‘Think Brain Health’.

Our Approach

We supported the ARUK team and partner agencies as they developed a creative theme for the campaign, knowing that we would also be responsible for developing key video content that would form parts of the user journey. We attended public workshops and were able to feed into the testing of creative concepts, before passing recommendations on the final look and feel of the campaign - a line drawn style that captured a relatable, artsy, yet poignant feel. 

As well as providing the designs for core assets that were used across the campaign, we came up with an animated approach for a hero film and accompanying social assets that incorporated the line-drawn style into our proposed narrative. We developed a number of accompanying social assets designed to drive awareness with our audience and encourage them to interact with ARUK’ Brain Hub.


The campaign has been a great success for the charity, with nearly half a million visits through to the Brain Hub recorded so far. Our 60s and cutdown creatives generated almost a quarter of these clicks, with over 100,000 visitors to the site going on to watch the full hero video.

We were delighted with the film itself, which incorporated the over-arching creative approach of a line drawn style into our narrative. This manifested in the ways we used the style to change the clarity and perspective of visuals on screen, in addition to mixed use of colour, to imply the emotive and physical toll dementia could have, contrasted with the optimism gained through understanding of ways to prevent it.