Understanding GDPR


Providing customers and consumers guidance on upcoming GDPR regulations


On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation – known as the GDPR – came into effect. This new law strengthened the rules governing personal data across Europe, and affected businesses of all kinds - including Mastercard, its customers, partners and merchants.

We were asked to produce a film that showed how Mastercard was built on the safe and secure processing of data. As GDPR brought tighter regulations and much more attention on the matter we needed to highlight the fact they were committed to future governance and determined to remain a thought leader in the area.


We spoke to many Mastercard stakeholders as we were aware of the different audiences we needed to reach with this film. As a result, the script-writing process was a collaborative one across many global teams, ensuring we covered the main demands across the organisation.

Produced using a mix of 2D and 3D animation, we carefully integrated the use of Mastercard brand colours and logos and visuals to inject a fresh and dynamic perspective on the subject. Given the amount of GDPR comms at the time, we knew we had to develop something that would stand out from the crowd, yet remain appropriate and professional in a mainly corporate environment.


The film has proved to be a huge success within Mastercard, and for its clients and customers. Since the production of the animation, further design assets have been created to support the comms process around the subject. The film has also been commended by the European Commission as best in class for communicating the subject of Data amongst the background of GDPR coming into effect.