Data Saves Lives

Wellcome Trust - Understanding Patient Data

Harnessing the power of shared patient data


Better use of patient data is essential to speed up diagnosis, research new treatments, plan better NHS services and monitor the safety of drugs. And yet, four out of five people did not know how patient data is used in the NHS. Brickwall were briefed by Understanding Patient Data (UPD) to come up with a campaign that could support better conversations about uses of health information and bring to life how and why patient data is used.


We focused the campaign around a set of animations that would be distributed across social media and amongst healthcare organisations. Set on fictional ‘Bevan Street,’ we worked with UPD and partner charities to represent different medical conditions and showcase their relevant patient data journeys. Our insight showed that it was highly likely each member of our wide audience would know somebody close to them affected by one of the six conditions and therefore, proved a common thread to tie the series around.


The results were overwhelmingly positive, with the series gaining over 1.5 million views across social media and substantial digital engagement with UPD. Furthermore, organisations not involved in production have used and shared the animations - including charities, hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Groups. The series is also used by healthcare professionals, including GPs, as part of their toolkit to talk to patients

Most importantly, the opt-out has passed by, and there has been no significant public outcry or negative media attention.