About us

Brickwall was formed in 2005. Since then we have grown, both in the services we offer & the people in our team. But our principle has remained the same: to provide a purposeful, creative & honest service that drives positive change. It is due to this that our clients have become our friends & their friends have become our clients.

Our Team

Bea Addyman

Head of Production

Jenny Aldred

Senior Consultant

Jon Brichto

Managing Director

Adam Brichto

Producer / Director

Dave Clark

Client Services Director

Matt Hoad-Robson

Creative Director

Tom Lake

Senior Consultant

Sasha Langford

Senior Creative & Designer

Lauren McDonald

Senior Operations Manager

Simon Payne

Specialist Animator

Bryony Porter-Collard

Production Manager

Ben Pelhan

Senior Creative

Ben Salavati

Senior Creative

Emma Selby

Clinical Consultant

Yvonne Silove

Healthcare Consultant

Connie Shea

Production Manager

Gabs Swann

Senior Designer

Alex Walker

Creative Director