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National Grid


Every time you make a cup of tea or turn on the heating you’re using energy provided by the National Grid. Their job is to build and look after the cables, wires, pipes and pylons that carry gas and high voltage electricity around the UK.

Because of that, they are at the heart of the nation’s climate challenge and commitment to achieving carbon net zero by 2050.

We have been working with them since 2019 to help tell that story across a variety of campaigns and settings. Our films, animations and designs have brought to life key topics including energy bills, Net Zero infrastructure, Hydrogen transmission systems, as well as provided a voice for young engineers and young students when putting forward their views on the future of energy in the UK.

Some of our work so far

A series of two explainer animations describing what is National Grid and What is Net Zero.

What is National Grid?

What is Net Zero?

What role does National Grid play in my energy bill?

An explainer film educating viewers on how their energy bill is calculated.

Voices for a Green Future

Creative consultancy and content for their 'Voices for a Green Future Campaign' - the flagship piece being a series of speeches, given by green-minded young people, being aired at the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow.

The job that can't wait

A series of films forming part of a recruitment campaign, focused on inspiring the next generation to play a part in creating a cleaner, greener Britain. We highlighted the experiences of new engineers and their excitement as being the ones that are responsible for ending the use of carbon emitting fossil fuels.

Where your gas comes from

A series of animations designed to explain the construction process of key elements of National Grid's work, such as pylons, gas pipes and more

The Future of Gas

Explainer film series looking at the future of National Grid, exploring new energy sources and ways to transport energy and gas across the UK

London Power Tunnels 2

A film showcasing ongoing infrastructure projects across the UK. In this case - the London Power Tunnels

Future Grid

The first film in a number of those looking at the Future Grid project in SpadeAdam