Angry Al - Road Safety Campaign


Influencing riders across London


2Wheels London, an organisation set up to promote motorbike rider safety, wanted to move away from generic advice and create a campaign that would appeal to an audience of young, commuter and gig-economy riders. The campaign needed to model the correct riding practices, but also steer clear of being patronising or painting the audience as dangerous. 


We recommended creating a campaign that focused on a series of short films that, firstly gave good riding advice, but secondly, played on the inner devil on the shoulder that everyone has and the fact that this is nearly always the catalyst for making poor decisions on the road - enter Angry Al. 

The content blended live action footage of a young rider practising correct riding with his animated devil on the shoulder, who’s constantly pushing him to act in a dangerous and reckless way. This allowed us to highlight the real dangers of not listening to the 2Wheels advice, in a humorous and engaging way.


Angry Al has been a huge success. We worked with 2Wheels’ distribution partners as the campaign went live across social media. To date the series has led to a 171% increase in followers on the organisation’s Instagram page and boosted website traffic by 81% - all contributing to a network of safer riders across London.

2Wheels are so pleased with the results that they are commissioning a continuation of the series with more characters being added to the Angry Al world.