Patiti Lab

Brilliant Failure


Paititi Lab is a think tank focused on resilience and sustainability; they combine science with art and entrepreneurship to reach their goal of restoring our balance with nature. After one international partnership Paititi Lab wanted to showcase their learnings with a particular area of focus - that failure is not always a bad thing. In fact they’ve learnt that failure can be brilliant. They briefed us to develop a chaptered animation, to complement existing filmed interviews. 


In line with Paititi Lab’s broader aims it was important to develop a rich visual style to highlight themes of nature and sustainability, balanced with scientific partnership. Working collaboratively with Paititi Lab we developed a narrative drawing on the themes of fairytale and myths, in order to reverse the usual notion that failure is a negative thing.


The film was screened at a conference on the brilliance of failure facilitating discussions around this topic and has been released publicly too. We’ve built a relationship with Paititi Lab and are looking to work with them moving forward.