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Health Education England

Educational content for NHS staff

Over the last several years we have been lucky enough to work regularly with Health Education England, on a number of educational content series. They are used to communicate innovative new systems and ways of working that ultimately make the training, development and implementation of staff across the NHS more effective. 

Often coming in the form of animations, we have covered examples such as the new changes in the study budgets given to junior doctors, how they are recruited into specialty training and the efficient new system for cutting out timely data re-entry at every placement.  

In most instances, the animations served to simplify what on paper looked like complex changes to the ways of working or day to day lives of specific areas of the NHS. They are important not only in explaining the changes, but also helping staff visually relate to settings that would showcase the benefit to them and their patients. We work closely with the team at HEE to ensure that the animations are as informative as possible, in an easily digestible format and as concise as possible for the audience. 

As we moved through projects with HEE we knew that it would be important to develop a uniform style and feel for the animations, so the audience would immediately recognise the branding and also know the type of content they were about to engage with. We ensured that the base style was clean, crisp and within the HEE brand guidelines. As we’ve moved through projects we have moved on the style or slightly adapted it to ensure each film has its own identity, whilst also feeling part of the overall family of content.

Here are some further examples of the work we've produced:

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