Reaching new heights in dementia research

Alzheimer's Research UK


In recent decades, research into dementia has hit on many breakthroughs,  but this progress is not always tangible or even visible to the general public, whose priority is on an effective treatment. The continued absence of such a treatment can make the public feel hopeless, even as significant advancements take place behind the scenes. Alzheimer’s Research UK briefed us to create an animation which would showcase how exciting recent developments are, and how the growing momentum in dementia research means we are moving toward a treatment with increasing speed. 


Research can be a dry and complicated topic, so we knew an overarching creative concept was key to landing our messaging. We decided to draw on one of the most awe-inspiring moments in recent memory: the mission to land on the moon. Using this as an analogy for the pursuit of a treatment for dementia, and - crucially - reminding our viewer that landing on the moon wasn’t the breakthrough, it was merely the spectacular result of a million little breakthroughs. We used a sleek blend of photography and motion graphics utilising Alzheimer’s Research UK brand colours to tie research into real life benefits and showcase moon landing imagery. 


Dame Julie Walters agreed to voiceover the animation, which is screened at policy and fundraising meetings within Alzheimer’s Research UK. We continue to work with the team to create further animations.