SheDecides came to us with a shocking statistic: 76% of women and girls aged 15-49 have undergone Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Burkina Faso.

SheDecides works to support female bodily autonomy by partnering with government and local organisations in communities like Burkina Faso. Through these partnerships they share information around the health complications surrounding FGM, provide affordable family planning and drive change at a community level.



We wanted to focus on a story told from the community level – knowing this would engage our audience in one compelling narrative, while weaving in the impactful work SheDecides supports.

Enter Mariam: a 15 year old girl in Burkina Faso who goes on a journey of discovery around FGM and is empowered by local organisations to drive awareness in her community.

Stylistically, we leveraged the bold colours from SheDecides branding to deliver an eye-catching animation blending bold typography with a highly-stylised, single line drawn style flowing from the start of the film through to the end.

We delivered an additional suite of bespoke social media assets tailored to each key message SheDecides wanted to deliver.

Finally, we knew that in order to resonate globally the film must be authentic – we used on-the-ground contacts to ensure the narrative and visuals were as accurate as possible and identified appropriate VO artists.



The film launched SheDecides 16 days of activism across social media, helping to drive global change at a community level.

The suite of social media assets reinforced key messaging not only during the 16 days of activism but throughout pivotal communication milestones throughout the calendar. The film was also shared widely within the SheDecides organisation.