National Grid

Voices for a Green Future


National Grid were an official partner of COP26 and as part of their sponsorship of the event, had a number of activation opportunities. They chose to run one of these as a competition for schools, challenging students from primary and secondary level to write a speech that would be given at the COP26 Climate Conference, where they could put forward their ideas on how climate change could be averted.

We came in to support National Grid by bringing these speeches to life in video format, as they were due to be shown in front of world leaders at the COP26 event in Glasgow. 


We put forward several ideas for how we could bring our winners’ speeches to life, in a way that would not only result in a hero film for the COP26 event, but many additional assets for social media, internal communications, PR and more.

We approached the content with a blend of two ideas – a fly on the wall documentary establishing our winners’ personality and background, and a virtual speech on a branded podium, set against an animated background that would react to the contents of their dialogue.


The films were aired at COP26 to the visiting delegates, and most notably a special viewing was arranged for COP26 president Alok Sharma. In addition to being shown at the event, they were simultaneously released across National Grid’s digital channels.

We also worked closely with National Grid’s PR and media team, ensuring we were also capturing content that they were able to successfully pitch into media, spreading the news of the campaign. This helped expand its reach and ultimately drive further success.