NHS Digital



NHS Digital wanted to raise awareness of DigiTrials, their new programme designed to securely and effectively simplify the clinical trial process with a long-term benefit to patients. The topic of health data access is complex and rife with misconceptions – NHS Digital wanted to explain the process, address mistruths, and explain the benefits to a public audience – all in 60 seconds. And with less than 3 weeks until their launch event.


With the clock ticking down to the patient event we needed to identify a style that could convey complex information clearly and concisely and be delivered in time. We landed on a scribe - an accessible educational format - which we knew we could deliver to a high standard within the timelines. A focus on creating a diverse range of characters meant our animation would be reflective of the broad demographic. To ensure our animation addressed public mistrust around data sharing we also built-in testing with a patient panel at all key stages. 


The patient focused event was a success and our testing showed that patients responded well to the animation style and the narrative. The video was also well-received internally and became the leading piece of content on the DigiTrials webpage. Since this we have been commissioned to produce additional scribes as part of the same suite - including GP Data and Research and the DigiTrials Transparency notice in video form - which was delivered in full collaboration with the patient panel.