Our Values

Our mission is to excite, educate and inspire; showing that truthful and representative creative can be a force for good.

Who we work with

As a purpose-led organisation, we work with clients that strive to have a positive impact on our world, specialising in the healthcare, sustainability, education, and not-for-profit sectors. We take our values extremely seriously and decline working with any organisations or brands that do not match our ethical standards

Brickwall is proud to be working towards the coveted B Corp status. We are committed to operating in a responsible manner that means our impact on society will have a positive effect as a whole. We consider the environment, human rights, and the social and economic impact of all our business operations and apply these principles in relation to all companies, business partners, and clients we interact with.

How we like to work

We are firm believers in a collaborative creative process, and transparency in the development of ideas and concepts. We won’t take your brief, and emerge two weeks later from a black hole with an idea that must be made.

We know that the experience clients have of working with us is just as important as the quality of their final product, and we pride ourselves on not just delivering exceptional work, but delivering in a way that’s collaborative, considerate and thoughtful. 

This means we work hard every step of the way, providing regular open, honest two-way communication, to ensure any project is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Our charity of the year - Lewisham Refugee & Migrant Network

As an organisation we are very keen to give back to our local community and provide opportunities for our staff to volunteer and support causes that we all feel strongly about.

For 2022, Brickwall has chosen the Lewisham Refugee & Migrant Network to be the company’s charity of the year!

Whilst it’s early going, keep checking back for updates on the work we’ll be doing with them in our local community of South London, or - take a look at their website to see how you could support them: https://www.lrmn.org.uk/support-us/

Sustainable working practices

We have a robust environmental policy that affects the work we carry out, especially those that involve filming out and about across the country. We now ensure that all of our projects meet BAFTA’s ‘Albert’ sustainability production standards, linked to carbon reduction actions and ensuring that each production we work on is carbon neutral.

Furthermore, whilst the Covid-19 pandemic brought many issues to our industry, we took the opportunity of a newly remote workforce to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2021, we downsized our office and reduced our impact on the environment not only through our physical presence in a central London office space, but also via the removal of travel emissions of our staff. Whilst those working at home have an increased reliance on home energy, we have educated employees on several ‘green’ suppliers.

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At Brickwall, we are committed to constantly reviewing and updating our policies to promote equal opportunity and diversity. We are committed to take real action within our industry and to date, we have revamped our approach to casting & hiring, and have set up a paid internship at Brickwall to give those from underrepresented backgrounds a chance at working in the creative industry. We are also setting up a forum to work in partnership with our peers across the wider Production network to drive further improvements.

We are committed to fair and equal representation throughout all of the work that we produce and align with industry guidelines during every production we work on. For example, if we use animation, it is Brickwall’s policy to ensure that the ethnicity and background of our voiceover talent also reflects the character they are portraying on screen. When it comes to casting the voiceover, we promote an accessible casting process, by using a wide range of artist agencies, owned networks, social media outreach and more. This ensures we're maximising opportunities for potential artists to work with us, and ensuring we provide clients a diverse selection to choose from.

As we often act as educators within our content productions, we are working harder to ensure balanced and diverse interpretations on any stories we tell, with extra thought given to how we can relate and resonate with different audiences.