Nickel 101

The Nickel Institute


The Nickel Institute is the global association of leading primary nickel producers. Their mission is to promote and support the use of nickel in appropriate applications and recommend the basis for public policy and regulation.

However, with not many people understanding the role of the metal in today’s society, the Institute approached Brickwall to create a suite of content they could use across their media channels to promote the metal and the work they do as an organisation.


Not many people could tell you much about Nickel. It’s colour, where it is mined or what symbol represented it on the periodic table. Crucially, not many people understood the countless ways it keeps today’s world moving and the role it plays in a push towards a more sustainable way of living.

As a result, we decided an explainer video, a ‘Nickel 101’ of sorts, would be a quick, exciting way to educate policymakers and the wider public on the metal and its various benefits. Supplemented by a series of snappy social-media ‘did you know’ clips, we put together a package of content for those working at the organisation, as well as members and partnering stakeholders.


The explainer film has become an essential go-to for many lobbyists throughout Brussels, as well as a headline piece of communications material for the Institute.

Since its release, it has been translated into a dozen languages and used by members of the organisation across the world, as well as supporting stakeholders.

We’re continuing to work with the Nickel Institute on a series of follow up films that explore other specific uses of the material and importantly, the role it can play in a greener world.