Copernicus - EU Earth Observation


The EU's Earth Observation Programme


The European Union’s Copernicus Programme helps by monitoring our environment and climate. This game-changing system collects and stores a vast array of data, from satellite, airborne, land and sea-based sensors.

Over the last 25 years, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has turned this data into vital information that underpins and supports European Community policies


Copernicus and the EEA needed content to showcase the work of the programme, not only to educate policymakers and the wider public, but also to encourage various organisations across the EU to maximise the data being made available.

As well as creating an explainer film that served to educate audiences on what the monitoring system was all about, we worked with the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS) to develop a series of case studies, featuring pioneering environmental organisations who used the data.


The flagship explainer film became the introduction point for many policymakers, environmental organisations and concerned members of the public. It helped them learn more about how the EEA and Copernicus provided data that could not only inform policy, but enable better preservation of the environment.

Our initial series of three case studies, featuring organisations tackling bark beetles, haphazard weather conditions and urban development, also helped educate people about how the CLMS worked in practice, sparked new ideas on how the data could be used, and encouraged other organisations to share their stories.

Austrian Environment Agency Showcase

Viridian Raven Showcase

GAF Earth Observation Showcase

German Meteorological Service Showcase