Mid Wales My Way

Powys County Council


Powys County Council & MNPDN came to us to help attract active & intrepid tourists to holiday within the UK and experience the stunning landscape of the Powys region. They knew the area had a rich folklore and wanted to use this to bring the magic and beauty of the place to life on screen. As well as being bi-lingual in Welsh and English, they also wanted to appeal to both children & adults, in a way that would inspire everyone to visit.

Launched in cinemas

across the mid-Wales region


We started by blending the mystic and magical nature of the area’s history with the wide range of activities that are on offer. This narrative not only attracted new tourists to the area, but showed the people living in Powys the area’s history and made them proud of the region.

We brought this to life with a stunning retelling of the Three Sisters of Plynlimon and the formation of three of the country’s most famous rivers, in a beautifully crafted 2D animation style. Alongside the hero film explaining the full story, we created several social and design assets to support the campaign.


To date the campaign has been a great success and has received positive reviews from both tourists and locals alike. As well as being used on the campaign’s social platforms, the hero film is now being shown before screenings at local cinemas and the area’s main visitors centres.