Sleeping rough is dangerous at any time of year, but during winter months cold weather can kill. St Mungo’s wanted a suite of assets to use across social media, organically and in paid advertising, across a range of objectives: to highlight the urgency of the issue, highlight their Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) and raise vital donations.


We wanted to hear from a real person who has lived experiences of homelessness and support from St Mungo’s, with a specific emphasis on the positive individual and collective action that can be taken - key to driving action in dark targeted advertising. To avoid ‘poverty porn’ and allow the content to be timeless we delivered an animated approach, taking inspiration from our real story. We tapped into the ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ colours of St Mungo’s colour palette as an extended visual metaphor and used bold typography to appeal to sound off viewing and offer clear CTAs. 


The suite of assets have become part of a toolkit used to drive awareness during bursts of cold weather, allowing St Mungo’s to act quickly and raise donations to help get people off the streets and into safety.