People with arthritis often find it challenging to stay active and add daily movement into their lives. Versus Arthritis saw an opportunity for a series of stretching videos which could help those living with arthritis to incorporate daily movement into their everyday lives. Seven episodes would focus on stretching and strengthening specific body parts often affected by arthritis and three on stretching the full body at different times of day.


The films needed to be mostly live action, filmed with a physiotherapist and people living with arthritis in a home setting. We had two primary concerns; making the films accessible for all people with arthritis and driving true and consistent behaviour change with daily movement. Creatively to encourage daily movement we incorporated call-to-actions based on behavioural change best practice, used a home setting and showcased different people with arthritis and clear regressions. For accessibility we also used an animated digital dashboard to create clarity for those following along. To support the series we also created a suite of supporting social media content, including YouTube pre-roll ads or Facebook trailers.


Our social trailers have over 100,000 views and each of the ten videos has between 4,000 and 17,000 views on YouTube. The comments from the arthritis community have been overwhelmingly positive, with examples including 

“These are excellent exercises. Not too over demanding so that you are put off and stop doing them , but challenging enough so you feel a difference. Jay is a great teacher helping you know exactly where your feet should be pointing etc. He and James demonstrating them also helps so much.”, 

“Great sensitively presented and slow paced routine!“

 “Really good and like the count down and rep counter as I often forget."

We’re continuing to work with Versus Arthritis on another series of exercise videos for those awaiting surgery.