Gold Award Winner

EVCOM Clarions


Rise Above - a youth focused brand created by PHE, all about sharing experiences, challenges and questions - approached us to make a series of films all about explaining sexual consent to young people.

It was imperative that the films would appeal to a ‘youth’ audience and engage them without appearing patronising or ‘telling’.


We engaged with several focus groups to test the tone, visual style and messaging with representatives of the potential audience. The information gleaned from the focus groups informed our subsequent approach to the series.

We worked with a well-known YouTube influencer Percelle Ascott as well as other youth actors to produce a three part series on ‘Everyday Content’, ‘Relationship Consent’ and ‘Sexual consent: the basics’ using a mobile phone as a powerful metaphor to explain what is, and what is not acceptable regarding consent.


The series proved extremely successful via the Rise Above website and social channels as well as through their use and take-up by teachers, given the material was embedded into school plans by PHE. They also received industry recognition with a Gold Award at the EVCOM Clarion Awards.