The Brief

NHS England came to us wanting to tell the story of a new initiative - ‘Joined Up Care Derbyshire’. 12 organisations providing health and care services across the county, which had come together in a partnership to ensure they delivered care in a way that met the needs of their population. 

They wanted to produce a film to focus on the real impact the new way of working has had on patients, showing those in the area how much better the care they receive will be and also illustrate to medical professionals how it would allow them to be more effective in the care they give.

Our Approach

We felt that the best way to show the real value of the new system was to show a true success story of it. We worked with members of the team to find the best person and were lucky enough to meet Jean. We focused the story, not only on Jean’s care, but what mattered to her most, getting back to her garden - which was only made possible through Joined Up Care.  We paired interviews with Jean and her carers with engaging hard drawn animation to create added flow and interest in the film.


The film was extremely well received by patient and health care professionals alike. It has also been used outside the Derbyshire area to show other CCGs and health organisations the importance of joined up care in a hope to make them adopt the model.