Beauty Burns

Electrical Safety First

Award Winner

CorpComms Digi and EVCOM Clarions


When research revealed hair straighteners are responsible for one tenth of all child burns and that retailers and manufacturers were not tackling the problem, charity Electrical Safety First (ESF) decided to create a hard-hitting campaign that inspired behavioural change.


Deciding to go for maximum visual impact in a short space of time, we produced a 30-second video that began from a seemingly innocent situation, but quickly became distressing, due to the misuse of hair straighteners. Brickwall worked with Forster Communications to create an integrated PR and marketing approach to promote the content.


After significant online engagement & media coverage, ESF received 6,573 requests for heat-proof pouches, against expectations of just 500. Two leading hair straightener manufacturers contacted Electrical Safety First and agreed to provide heat-proof pouches as standard with their products.