Insta vs Reality

BBC Tiny Happy People


We’ve been lucky enough to work with the BBC Tiny Happy People team since the pilot of the programme, on a number of different content streams. Ahead of the launch, the team wanted to create social content that authentically engaged their audience and showed an understanding of the daily struggles and realities every parent faces. The team was willing to try something that the BBC had not ventured into before.


We tapped into the sentiment that more often than not the over stylised, picture perfect images that are posted on Instagram are a far cry from the reality. This is especially the case with a number of celebrity influencers and comparing your life to the rose-tinted versions on social media can often be harmful, making you second guess your own parenting and situation. We set out to dispel these ‘perfect’ mirages by engaging with the programme’s audiences to create funny and heartwarming content.

We put a shout-out across our own social channels for people’s best photos that showed the hilarious, messy, and eventful life of a parent. The response was incredible and allowed us to marry up over stylised ‘Insta’ pictures with the user generated ‘reality’ - creating a suite of content to be used across the Tiny Happy People Instagram channel.  


Being the organisation’s first social campaign using user generated content, it was a leap of faith by the team, which has been rewarded as the Insta vs Reality posts were the best performing social content of the programmes pilot phase. The campaign was also recognised internally, with the team being invited to run workshops and presentations across the organisation. Due to this success a second round of the campaign is already underway.