Let Refugees Learn

Refugee Action

Gold Award

EVCOM Clarions


Refugee Action wanted the British public to sign a petition asking the government to dedicate more funds for English classes for refugees. The problem many refugees face is that they have no money to pay for lessons, and so they find themselves in a catch-22: unable to learn English they cannot get a job, but without a job they cannot pay for lessons.


Our creative team thought it would be interesting to put the audience in the shoes of a refugee at the very beginning of the film - having actors speak incoherently, but with a clear sense of sadness or urgency about their story.

We used the testimonials of refugees to craft our narrative and slowly had the actors’ English skills improve throughout the films. We created several versions of the film for testing and use across various channels and were honoured to have Juliet Stevenson give the call to action at the end of the film, urging viewers to sign a Refugee Action petition.


The film resulted in petition entries rising over 250%. Once that had proved successful, the film continued to be used to encourage people to directly contact their MPs to drive further action.

Furthermore, the film won GOLD for Scriptwriting at the 2017 EVCOM Screen Awards. It was also selected by the BFI for the national archive.