The NSPCC worked with the Internet Watch Foundation to create an online tool hosted on the Childline website called Report Remove, which allows young people to report images or videos of themselves that have been posted online that they wish to be taken down. 

They wanted to create a campaign to promote the tool across digital channels and social media to their audience and show them they have the power to take back control of images of themselves.


We knew that to reach a young audience, about a sensitive topic, through the noise of their social channel was not going to be an easy task – we had to have their attention from the opening shot, and then keep it with compelling content that speaks to their own life, feelings, experiences. We needed to ensure that the content spoke honestly and candidly from a peer to peer point of view – giving a feeling of empathy and empowering the audience.

We worked with the client to develop a simple, but striking script that would carry the narrative in a relatable and impactful way. We then looked to cast a truly diverse and inclusive group of young actors who would fully represent the audience we were looking to connect with and highlight how this issue can affect everyone within it. Finally, we placed our cast in everyday settings that would be familiar to the audience and used direct and emotive performances of the script delivered straight to the camera to create a powerful series of content.


Alongside the hero film for the Childline website and Youtube, we wanted to create content that felt native for our audience across the key social platforms that the NSPCC was looking to engage them – TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, so we created bespoke assets for these channels.

The campaign was a huge success with the social content receiving strong interaction from the core audience.