Bringing Hydrogen to the NTS


National Grid came to us to help them tell the story of the work they are doing to convert their National Transmission System from natural gases to hydrogen, which is a key part in the drive to achieve net zero. 

This change can’t happen overnight and the FutureGrid programme was created to prove that this conversion is possible through the development of a test facility. 

We were brought in before the test facility was operational, and given the task of explaining why the change from natural gas to hydrogen is so important. We had to showcase the different phases of the programme and to explain the journey they are taking to make their goal a reality.


In order to show the audience, not only the current set up of the FutureGrid, but the plans for the project and the overall importance of the research, we decided to utilise a number of different creative techniques. 

First, we used a combination of stock imagery and dynamic text on screen to set the wider context of FutureGrid and the huge impact the change to hydrogen can have, before transitioning to drone footage of the test facility at Spadeadam in Cumbria. 

Over this footage we created blueprint style animated graphics to show how the test facility will be created and how it will work from start to finish. In order to explain some technical aspects of the system we also used full screen animation in the same style as the overlays to show specific elements.


The client was extremely happy with the final result and the fact that we were able to create such a polished piece of content in a very short time period. The FutureGrid programme is up and running and there is hope that there will be future pieces of content that show the continued journey and drive towards net zero.