Contact is a collaboration of military charities working with the NHS and MoD to improve access to mental health and well-being support for members of the Armed Forces community. Ahead of the world premiere of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, we were very proud to partner with Contact, Help for Heroes and Warner Bros UK on a film that addressed stigma around mental health in the military.


We filmed three veterans, having served in Dunkirk, Kosovo and Afghanistan respectively, as they discussed the similarities of conflict across the decades, the importance of public support for the Armed Forces and changing attitudes to stigma and not shying away from talking about mental health.

We cut away to archive footage, personal effects and other visual material to bring to life each individual story, whilst capturing the conversation with several cameras to showcase interactions between the group and reactions towards many of the stories. The film was introduced by actor Ffion Whitehead, fresh from starring in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which helped to drive visibility and reach of the films when it was launched.


Dunkirk Today was launched on social media on July 5th and was shown on crowd screens outside the world premiere of Dunkirk in Leicester Square, as well as at five other regional screenings. The film was picked up by several national media outlets and viewed over 250,000 times in the first month of launch. This drove a 20% increase in traffic to the Contact website, resulting in a large increase of contact forms being submitted.