In a nutshell

Innovative and exciting creative is essential to gain people’s attention. But it isn’t enough. Awareness of an audience’s motivations, needs and preconceptions is what gives our ideas the edge - the edge that ensures that messages resonate, audiences are entertained and, ultimately, feel compelled to take action.

What we do

At the beginning of any project we learn who and where your audiences are and discover their levels of awareness, motivations and approachability. We work with our team of trusted insight partners to undertake a mix of quantitative analysis, social listening, media monitoring and qualitative research, to name but a few methods.

This helps us achieve two things. Firstly, we can identify priority audiences and the channels they use, as well as line up already-engaged groups who can act as our advocates and ambassadors - helping drive authentic reach for our campaigns.

Secondly, it enables the discovery of various messaging ‘sweet spots’ where the needs of the client and audience overlap, as well as the most common themes our audience are most likely to engage with.

Both combine to form the foundations on which we build our strategy, messaging and ideas.