In a nutshell

KPIs. Outcomes. Lead and Lag. ROI. Metrics are great to have, but they can mean very little unless you’re able to combine them to tell a wider story.

Whatever the project, we link back all the performance data we collect to your wider objectives. And we don’t stop when the campaign’s over – we’re constantly applying any learnings onto the next project.

What we do

For every KPI we set, we want to know how it will affect our clients’ objectives. This helps us ensure that any metric, whether it be a video view or a post share, right the way through to a petition signature or donation, has meaning in a wider context.

We shouldn’t think in black or white either. Any successful campaign adapts to an ever-evolving environment, and KPIs should be live indicators of the performance of any activity, promoting a change of emphasis in tactics as required.

We’ll work with you to run a comprehensive evaluation of any piece of work – focusing on honest assessments of all aspects whether it’s positive or negative – that results in an appraisal that demonstrates best practice and informs the next project.