Navigating the New Normal

Customisable content-rich programmes to help support the wellbeing of your teams, cohort and peers during the Covid-19 era.


The Covid-19 pandemic has radically and rapidly altered our lives, in ways that would have seemed unimaginable a few months ago. Navigating the New Normal is a mental wellbeing programme containing expert-led and clinically-backed content to support your personnel through this unprecedented time.

Fully customisable to reflect the style, tone of voice and specific messaging of your organisation, we'll work with you to create a suite of content that provides practical, bitesize advice, support and techniques.

Developed as a collaboration between Brickwall and award-winning NHS Clinical Nurse Specialist Emma Selby, our offerings can be tailored to cater for in-demand areas such as the workplace, education environments, or health and care settings.

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Everybody is adjusting to a new working life. Whilst some may have experienced benefits, there are many pitfalls others would have encountered, some of them without even realising it. Our workforce programme aims to support the wellbeing of employees whilst they are working and relaxing – now often in the same environment – to maximise their health and productivity.

Whilst specific messaging will be developed with you to reflect your own organisations’ position whilst operating currently, the topics we would look to cover in the programme include:

Emotional wellbeing:

    • Health anxiety
    • Motivation
    • Sleep habits
    • Healthy Living
    • Toxic Productivity

Delivering the Job in a new environment:

    • Staying safe on the commute
    • Getting used to a new work environment
    • Using Annual leave for wellbeing
    • Home working guilt
    • Perfecting the home working setup
    • Home working boundaries


    • Loneliness
    • Colleague relations
    • Family strains
    • Quick tricks for balancing the strain

With an increasingly uncertain environment beckoning for secondary and higher-education students, these resources will be applicable for school or university welfare teams looking to provide both teachers and students with sets of resources to enter the 2020/21 school year with confidence, and flourish amongst new learning settings.

As with our other programmes, messaging and style can be tailored to meet your organisations specific needs, but here are a few topics our programme covers to help understand how we can help:

Student Wellbeing:

    • Loneliness / Fear of missing out
    • Socialising from afar
    • News exposure
    • Staying safe and well outside of school/uni life

Teacher Wellbeing:

    • Toxic Productivity
    • Rumination
    • Drawing the line between home and work when your teaching or preparing at home

School / University Policies:

    • Safeguarding recommendations for teaching staff
    • Wellbeing support for non-teaching admin staff
    • Student-facing explainers for new resources/processes

What will the content be?

We've worked with a number of organisations such as BBC Learning, Public Health England, the Civil Service, KornFerry, UK Youth, the NHS and more, to develop bespoke learning and educational materials. These have been given a new, engaging perspective in animated form, been driven by expert presenters, brought to life as relatable scenarios or been available as handy, easy-to-digest infographics.

Considering the tone of your organisation and the needs of your audience as one, we'll work to put together a suite of audiovisual content that's fit to tackle the challenges your cohort or employees face when resuming life amidst the pandemic. We'll also be able to discuss the best ways of hosting or making it available to your audience, as well as considerations on how you should signpost them to the materials and measure their engagement and value.

See below for several examples of learning content we've produced. You can get in touch with us at if you'd like to see how we can create a bespoke programme for you.