Bespoke and flexible


e-Learning can improve retention rates by 60%

Research Institute of America

Tailored tech

We often see organisations using ‘off the shelf’ Learning Management Systems (LMS) due to perceived cost and ease benefits. But in reality, they can be clunky, dull and more suited to ‘download and read’ rather than ‘interact and learn’. Our platform maximises the best of both – it is off the shelf whilst being tailored and bespoke to your content. 

Make it interesting

People are busy these days. Its one reason why we turn to eLearning in the first place. But to be effective, good eLearning starts and ends with engaging content. The learning experience should be social, interactive and interesting, even for those topics that don’t necessarily fit in the ‘riveting’ category. And this is where Brickwall's storytelling expertise gives us a cutting edge. 

Some of our Case Studies